Friday, June 18, 2021

things in the night

 Bentley was beginning to think the only person he had to talk to was Penny. He guessed he could have it worse. Yet, he was feeling blue. As if maybe he was a lost soul in the comic book store.

He went to bed early because it felt like he'd spent days getting all the books organized. Naturally, no one came to look. Maybe Penny was right, they should start making milk tea. They needed something to bring in customers.

Perhaps, that was what left him tossing and turning. But it was the voices too. Murmurs perhaps. Suddenly, he threw the covers back and reached for the light. No way was their ghosts. He'd never heard anyone speak of it.

He winced hard. If only Mannie was home. When would he ever get back? What was he up to with Sadie?

Suddenly, he felt so alone. As if no one really cared what happened to him. He thought he might cry but held it in. He went to Liam's door. Of course, Liam didn't answer when he knocked. Bently waited. But he couldn't wait too long. 

Bently turned the knob and carefully opened the door. He hopes Liam was home, and he was. But he wasn't alone.

Ben could hardly believe his eyes. Liam was with a woman. A WOMAN. 

Shocked. Ben shut the door and went straight to the bathroom. After he relieved himself, he walked back and forth for a bit wondering what he could do about this. What would Mannie do? What would he think?

All this time, Bently thought Liam was surely a priest of some kind. He'd never, Bently thought.

Just then the bathroom door opened and it was Liam.

"What are you doing, man?" Liam winced. "Just standing here in the dark?"

"Oh, I..I had a bad dream." No way could Ben mention what he'd saw. "I..just..."

"Go to bed!" Liam ordered. He needed to pee.

Ben nodded and slightly moved on. Liam shut the door behind him.

Ben nodded. How did Liam do it. Just how did you get a girl to sleep with you.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Here we go again

 Undoubtedly, it was a tight squeeze. What else could Sadie expect? God knows how long it took to get to this hole which led (after quite a crawl) to the oasis that maybe was the climax or just another distraction.

Her eyes were full of sleep. She just wanted to pass out, but someone kept telling her to keep going. She was certain he stared at her butt the entire way. Although, she didn't even care. After all, the air was so moist now and humid. She wanted a shower. Even ice would do.

"Is this what we came for?" She asked once she got her footing straight and they both got to the bottom of the waterfall.

"Maybe, sort of." Naturally, Mannie was as aloof as ever. Sadie only sighed, thinking this better be good. You know, something like the fountain of youth or possibly something to do with getting the hell out of here. She would so take the latter.

She kept her hands on her waist, giving a look around. "Seriously, we need to take a break," Sadie said she was starving.

"Well, don't eat too many of those protein bars are you might get diarrhea," Mannie warned.

"Oh, just my luck," she shrugged. She opened one and bit into it. Although it was tasteless, she ate it anyway. She yawned then, thinking a good nap would do her good, but of course, being in the water would be even better.

"Don't!" Mannie warned as he grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"But why?" She festered a frown.


She winced. "There's nothing fun to do here." She crossed her arms and was in a pout.

"Look, we have to go into the water soon or later," Mannie told her. "What we want is inside that waterfall."

"Of course, it is." She was being snide but she doubted he knew. "Please tell me there's a portal." Of course, she would have been happy for a porta potty.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Seize the day

 Liam was proud he didn't need any help from the others. Although it took hours into days he tracked down Julie who was not lost after all. It was a relief to meet her at the airport.

She said she didn't like these long trips anymore. "Maybe I'm too old for this." She was solemn as usual. He was beginning to think there was no chance to change anything about her. He should be used to this by now. 

"Oh really?" He suspected she still liked the thrill of the mission and all those unexpected moments where every trick of martial arts she knew came in handy. "What do you want to do, teach ti chi?

Now he got a smile out of her. She got in his car and they went to their usual place for breakfast. If only he could think of something romantic to do but in times like these a good meal felt like the perfect solution. Neither would admit the other might be a glutton. 

"God, I've missed these pancakes," she said as she crunched on a bacon strip.

Liam couldn't help but smile wondering if that meant something else.

"What's up with you?" She winced as if he had a secret.

He shook his head and said nothing, but he smiled even more. He knew her eyes were on him, but then again she was checking exits as if she'd be a Ninja any second and take down anyone who might want to touch him. Liam supposed he should be glad, but he wanted to protect her to.

"So, any word from Mannie?" She then asked. Liam shook his head, no.

"What if their.."

"What? Lost?" Liam looked at her straight on. "Never." 

Of course, when he looked into her intense eyes he was thinking they better make the most of their time and it had nothing to with those killer pancakes with the cherry on top.