Sunday, March 10, 2013

sweet and sour

Scarlett was giving up. The little shit was no where. So be it, she thought.

Hopefully, Ed was having himself a good time, somewhere. She just knew that fittie had the best transportation too. Probably, a fancy sports car. As it was.. there was Eva's scooter to rely on.

"Come on, lets just go home." Eva fumed. It was getting late. After two a.m.

"All right. But please don't go to sleep right away?" Scarlett could stay up all night in fact. She'd had one too many of those Monster drinks. She was ready for an all nighter.

"Ed's on his own." Eva informed her as she pulled her along and got her to the parking lot.

"Fine. What if .." She couldn't say it. She didn't want to dare be thought of a selfish slag. "He's sort of like our baby, you know."

"No, no he isn't." Eva looked pissed. She got on the scooter and started it. Scarlett knew she couldn't be left here on her own. Besides, she wanted to be where ever Eva wanted to be. She hoped Eva remembered.

Honestly, she'd been amazed with Eva the moment Eva set the school lawn on fire. Maybe even before then. She adored how Eva paced herself. Yet, she'd never been happy with the men Eva always found herself with. Hopefully, those days were truly over. At least, Eva stayed with her through the night at the disco. Except, she'd wanted the two of them to dance more. What was up with that? Couldn't they have fun with other people around?

Of course, she wasn't exactly ready for the two of them to have dinner with Scarlett's father nor letting Eva's parents know about Scarlett. These were things she was certain Eva would never bring up. Scarlett definitely wasn't going to dwell on it, either.

Instead, she hugged Eva closer on the way home. She felt as if she'd found a whole new life which made her stronger as long as she was with Eva. She didn't dare want to let go.

Soon they were home. Scarlett saw how smudged her makeup was from the humid night at the disco. Eva turned on the shower without even bothering to ask Scarlett. Eva shed her skimpy outfit and got in.

"Well, come on. The hot water doesn't last forever." Eva waited with the shower curtain open.

Scarlett smiled as if she could hardly wait to be exactly where she wanted to be. Eva's arms around her.

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