Friday, March 15, 2013

silly rabbit

Ed hoped Luke didn't mind, but he was in his bed with someone else. That someone had a name, but Ed said nothing. After all, the burning desire to go further ached through him even if they only touched.

Ed looked around wondering what Luke would think. After all, Luke had Tammy now and maybe Ed was here out of spite. No. No he wanted this as Bart kissed him harder as he got to know his skin. His weight. Even his tangy breath.

Ed winced. There was just no going back. He wanted to be mad at himself, but he just wasn't. Someone, like Bart wanted him. and neither were on drugs nor drunk. Well, the last he'd checked, anyway.

He smiled up a Bart, thinking about how they got here. That was a rush too. They'd jumped a building to the adjacent building and scurried down the fire escape. Not once did Ed ask why they were doing this. Perhaps Bart was a thrill seeker. It was such a rush. In fact, breathless. They'd caught a bus and set in the back and kissed as if they'd learned a new trick. It was a sort a magic he'd never had with anyone else. Not even Tammy.

And to think he imagined he could have sex with anyone. Although, it was more like going through the motions than anything with his best friend. It felt like a duty now.

 He was thankful Eva hadn't mentioned their encounter to anyone. He was a bit ashamed that he'd came so quickly. As if that were a bad thing. Now, his body lingered at Bart's grasp.

Here they were on black sheets finding each other. He hoped he wasn't being silly, but it felt like a drug of some kind. Ed couldn't get enough of Bart. Yet, it was a good dream, he wanted to live in for as long as he could.

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I had no idea..he kind find such trouble.