Sunday, January 20, 2013

just a chance

"We'll invite him over." Scarlett beamed as she locked her arm around Eva.

"No, we won't." She watched Ed and the sex god from a distance.

"And why not?" Scarlett looked at her with a wince.

"I'm beginning to think you get off on this." Eva eyeballed her girlfriend.

"Ed, needs us, Evie." Scarlett playfully pouted as she cozened up to Eva. Her breasts practically on top of hers in the massive crowd under the spinning ball of light.

Eva edged away. She wasn't that open yet. Why did Scarlett have to be so..rotten?

"Not now." Eva festered a frown.

"Then when?" Scarlett squinted hard as if Eva best not keep her waiting.

"At home, all right." Eva looked for Ed, but he was nowhere in sight. Neither was the sex god.

"Where in the hell? Is he?" Eva would hate to lose him. He was such a little dude, sort of like a little brother. Except, she'd had sex with him. She didn't even know why she did it. Possibly, to forget her problems. She really wasn't attached to him. But she'd hate to lose the little bugger. She was a bit fond of him, now and then.

"Don't get your knickers in wad." Scarlett fumed along with Eva. "I'm sure he's all right."

"You, and your big ideas." Now Eva was aggravated with Scarlett. "Finding him a fittie at a disco. You've really lost the plot. He's a sensitive bloke. Have you not forgotten, Scar?" Eva glared at Scarlett, as if she needed to fix this.

"Chill, will you. I'm sure they need some time alone." Scarlett evidently had faith in fate or some such nonsense.

"You don't think they'd end up in the loo, do you?" Eva scrunched a frown. Disgusting, she thought. Two blokes having a go or so in the filth of the loo.

"He really looks like the type who'd have all his shots, you know." Scarlett sighed.

Eva rolled her eyes at that. Just which loo would they be in? And even if they found it, would it be locked up from the inside.

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