Friday, December 7, 2012

when the time arrives

Scarlett & Eva

"You, get it don't, you? I have to be sloshed for this kind of game." Ed was not going willingly into the disco, even if Scarlett wrestled up one of her shiny blazers for him. As if he could be CHUCK BASS.

His hookups were generally accidents. Now weren't they?

They moved on into the den of the dark disco. Lights flashing. Music thumping. It made his heart race. Ed shook his head. He wanted to go home.

"Look!" Scarlett pointed. She pushed Ed's bottom to see. It almost felt like a come on, but he knew it wasn't. He'd seen with his eyes, this thing transform between Scarlett and Eva. He knew it. He did. But he couldn't speak of it. He kept his tongue tight.

Although, he was getting a hard on, just thinking, those two, being sexy. Together. Still he felt a little shaky.

What was he doing? Really.

"Did, you, see him?" The enthusiasm in Scarlett's voice made it difficult to not think of something in his pants growing more tentative. He closed his eyes, not wanting to know.

"He must be German." Her lips curved as if the blond might be candy wrapped in a leather jacket. She bit her bottom lip. "He looks lonely." Scarlett finally smiled as if it were a pleasure to help him.

Ed rolled his eyes. He was resistant.  Did she know last time was just a dare? She kissed a girl. He kissed a guy. End of story.

"You, kissed a boy, and you liked it, Ed?" Her hands were on his shoulders as if he must at least try.

Ed shivered slightly. He finally gave a look. Damn, if he wasn't hot. He winced. Too hot for him. No one like that would go for someone so mediocre as him. Right?

"I can't. I must'n." He scowled. Thinking he must be ugly. But the dude in the leather jacket was coming their way. He was so out of their league. It was true. Ed felt faint. But there he was. Right there. And Ed fell on him.

"Sorry. So sorry." Ed didn't even hear his voice, but someone was holding him up, as if he feared the worse. Ed might barf on him. Luckily, the looker pulled him from the cease pool of gawkers and dancers.

"You, look really sick, man."

Ed watched his plush lip move. He was a sex god.

"Do I?" It was the best he could muster up.

"You're really funny." The sex god brushed him off, straitening his blazer. He was a foot taller than Ed, but dreamy. Ed didn't want to admit it.

"Yeah, I get that." Ed let out a breath. "A lot."

"Maybe you need a lager," he said.

Ed only nodded.

They pushed through the crowd to the illuminating bar. The sex god got the drinks. Ed squeamishly smiled. The sex god bought him a drink and he saw the girls no where.

"I'm Ed, by the way." Ed nodded.

The sex god looked him over. Ed wasn't sure he wanted to be looked over, so much. He felt pimpled faced and quite shitty. He sighed, thinking this would be it. The sex god knew his name now.

"Nice to meet you, Ed," sex god said giving him a handshake. "I'm Bartly."

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Ed and the sex god..oh my!