Saturday, October 6, 2012

Those are the doldrums

Scarlett & Eva

" this?" Ed scrunched his face at the sight of Eva in Scarlett's room. Naturally, he'd let himself in. God forbid, for him to miss out on anything. Yet, he'd been in his own twin bed back home for the last 24 hours or so. He needed his rest.

Of course, Ed was still getting use to how Tam's used him and was with Luke now. Sure, he was hurt, yet relieved. He wouldn't dare say it, but she didn't exactly do it for him. Yet again, that was a lot pressure to be with a virgin like Tam's, who'd been his childhood friend. Still, it was a bit to swallow. Ed was feeling rather low.

"Shut it, will you, Ed." Scarlett said ever so loving as she touched his cheek and smiled. "Can't you see, its all right that Eva came back. She's to share a room with me."

"Share?" Ed couldn't help but scowl. "Why can't I share it with you?" That's what he wanted. That would be bliss. Or at least he imagined. Why was it, she was something he coveted? It was as if she'd never be in his grasp.

"You, silly boy." She was posh and sexy all in the same breath. "Don't you know, its better this way. We can hang out, when ever."

"Yeah, but you two are here with Luke and Tams, I've got my little boy bed to go home too." Fish fretted as if life was not fair. This was where the cool people were in his life.

"Jesus, Ed, it gives, you something to look forward too." She rolled her eyes and went to look in her undie drawer to find something to sooth his conscience. She came back with a homemade cigarette to share with him. "You're not a baby, anymore."

"Yeah, I know, and..and why can't I move in? I want too?" His eyes were so big with the attitude that someone here was getting the shaft, and it was neither Scarlett nor Eva. Of course, Eva was out like a light. She hadn't even noticed he was here.

Ed stared in disgust. What had they been doing? Did he come at the end of something?

"You'd have to take it up with Luke, if you want to be a housemate." Scarlett shrugged as she lit up and handed it off to him. She plopped herself on the bed and smoothed down a spot for him.

"Yeah, like that'll happen now." He scowled a bit as he inhaled the magic stuff. Soon he was feeling pretty warm and cozy.

In a dream, Scarlett came down on him, as some bliss-full angel.

"Ed!" She woke him up, looking down at what had risen to the occasion so suddenly in his pants. "You, really need someone to play with. Is that it?" She took another drag off the cigarette and gave it back to him.

Ed looked at her puzzled.

"You, offering?"

Her laugh was instant.

"Maybe, we'll find you someone, for the job, down at the club." Scarlett winked as she went to get some cookies for them to munch on.

Ed watched her walk away. He looked over at Eva. Maybe he'd have better luck with her.


ivy's closet said...

Scarlett certainly has plans for Ed.

lucy and sarah said...

I'm so glad Ed is in this!