Wednesday, October 10, 2012

like a sweet little memory

Scarlett & Eva

Scarlett left Ed in the livingroom with a video game and the cookies to keep him happy. She went back to Eva and woke her up with a kiss.

"Evie, you can't stay in bed all day." Although, Scarlett wouldn't mind. Still it would be night soon, and they needed to be ready.

Eva was rather listless. But maybe she was playing. Scarlett straddled her and decided to give her the yoggies, this meant Scarlett's pointy index fingers jabbing Eva in the chest.

"Don't." Eva winced. "Stop." She moaned.

"Really, now, you know you like it like that." Scarlett whispered in her ear.

Eva winced with more sleep.

"What time is it?" She finally asked.

"Time for a shower so we can make ourselves lovely for our night out." Scarlett bit a grin as she toyed with Eva a bit more, but finally got off and pulled her to her feet. "You know, a good hot shower is calling your name."

Eva looked up at her as if that wasn't true. She was just in her black V-neck T-shirt, nothing else.

"Its not like you have to call home, you know." Scarlett reminded her.

"Why did you even say it?" Eva was a bit testy on the subject as her feet finally found the floor. Scarlett prodded her along.

"I dunno. Couldn't help it." She got them to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Next thing, Scarlett tugged the Tee over her head and Eva was naked.

"Yeah." Scarlett was impossibly happy at the thought of a shower together. She quickly undressed.

Naturally, she couldn't say where all the energy was coming from. Possibly it was all Scarlett 's doing or maybe she was sucking it out of her. Scarlett wasn't really sure. Maybe she didn't even want to know. She pulled Eva under the warm spray of water. She went to soap Eva up.

Honestly, this was going to be so fun. Scarlett beamed, but Eva was still droggy.

"Come on, sleepy head, wake up!" She whispered in Eva's wet ear.


meg said...

Love where the story is going!

ivy said...

Please keep it coming!

Bex said...

Love this update!

Bex said...

Loved this one.

Syd said... sexy..