Sunday, October 14, 2012

getting it on

Scarlett & Eva

Eva didn't mean to drag her feet, but a part of her felt defeated. Especially, with school.

On one hand, she didn't give a damn, but here she was with Scarlett and she was so happy. She really was.

Honestly, she'd never let herself experience anything like it. But how could she explain it to anyone that it was so much better than she'd ever experienced with anyone else. It wasn't suppose to be that way? Now was it?

Of course, Scarlett squeezed in, to hog the mirror in the bathroom as she put on her war paint for their night out at the club.

"Don't look so glum, babe." Scarlett squished her face at Eva who squished her own, right back like a tug of war. "I'm only doing this to help dear old Ed. He is our friend, you know. And you know, he needs more man friends. Luke will not do." She sighed as she stared at her beautiful self in the mirror and put on more cherry red lippy to glam herself a bit more.

Eva rolled her eyes at that. Did she really trust her?

So it was really good, earlier. In bed. Eva wished they were back there. Not here. She crossed her arms.

"It'll be fun!" Scarlett pursed her lips. "And even know..what I mean." She almost winked.

Eva supposed she'd have to wait and see. It was just so hard to trust people. She hardly trusted herself.

"All right." Eva shrugged as if she were game. Scarlett took both Eva's hands.

"Come on, lets find Ed, a man." She smirked then as if she were keen on the mission, and Eva should be too. Of course, all she wore were her black tights,a thin black ribbed tank and black platform boots. Her black leather jacket awaited. Eva just hoped she didn't have any regrets tonight.

Of course, now Scarlett had to find something suitable for Ed to wear in Luke's closet.


meg said...

Eva seems to be having second thoughts..maybe..

meg said...

Please write more!!!

cady said...

I like them together.