Saturday, September 29, 2012

on a rare occasion

Scarlett and Eva

Scarlett was practically scaring herself. She'd never made over anyone so much in her life. She was happy Eva wanted to be here.

"I'm ruining it, aren't I?" Scarlett almost shrieked before she fell back on her pillow beside Scarlett. Suddenly, she felt so sad when only a second ago she was in such ecstasy trying her best to make Eva come.

"Its not completely you." Eva slightly shrugged. "Its me. I dunno why I wasn't up for my exams. Then to think I'd make it all right, by hopping on my bike and thinking of my freedom." She sighed.

"You're still free." Scarlett reminded her as she took her hand in hers.

"Dunno about that." Eva sighed.

"We'll be together." Scarlett smirked.

"Right."  Now Eva sounded her old self. Scarlett rapped her arms around Eva's lanky waist. This couldn't be a dream. She didn't want to wake up and find Eva gone.

"You, won't leave me, will you?" Scarlett was serious. Tam's had Nick. Ed..well..he still had a massive hangover to get over. A part of her wanted to get Eva in the pool for some fun, but she was tired. Almost listless.

"Please? Are you serious?" Eva finally looked at Scarlett. They kissed with tongue. Maybe Eva wasn't as sleepy as Scarlett thought.


meg said...

I like the change in Scarlett.

Anonymous said...

Keep it going!