Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Anything goes

Scarlett & Eva

Scarlett had Eva slipped out of her clothes before she realized it. Eva was down to her skimpy black undies on the bed.

Eva was so tired. She could hardly think. And she needed to think. What had Scarlett done to her? True, she was pretty drunk last night. Took some pills, too. It had to be the drugs? Had to be?

Of course, she first thought of how they'd met on that dark night at school. Alone. She'd wanted to touch Scarlett's lips even then. But she resisted. That was the way Eva dealt with things. It might not seem like it, but Eva was a rather disciplined person. In spite of being their for Ed in his time of need and off with that record producer, she was a person who had a plan. Her art. Of course.

She sighed heavily as Scarlett looked down at her. Of course, Scarlett was in her lacy undies too.

"You, all right, luv?" Scarlett asked ever so seriously as her skin met Eva's ever so carefully.

"Suppose." Eva couldn't take her eyes off her sexiness, even if Scarlett was in a pout. It was if she wanted her undressed immediately, but Eva needed a smoke. "Just..just let me.." She sighed again. This would take a lot of thinking. She scowled slightly as she put the homemade cigarette to her lips. She so needed a breather. And she inhaled. Finally, she handed it off to Scarlett hoping she'd shut it, for a bit.

Eva's eyes closed, she remembered it was sexy. So much more amazing than she expected. She hadn't thought getting weird with Scarlett would be so exhilarating. So satisfying. She took another draw from the warm cigarette between her lips.

Before she could tell Scarlett, it didn't mean anything, she felt Scarlett's fingers prying into her undies, going exactly where she needed Scarlett to go. She was incredible with her tongue, pushing into Eva's slit.  What had she done last night to start this? Eva felt breathless.

But when Scarlett's mouth lingered on her G spot, Eva opened up. She felt helpless, perhaps. It was happening, warm and incredible. Eva couldn't help to give in.

"Is this what you really want?" Eva finally whispered as if to give up.

"Of course." Scarlett's smile did the trick.  Eva's eyes fluttered as she pressed her lips against the cigarette. She guessed anything goes.


ivy's closet said...

'write more!

Cait said...

I hope you write more too.

meg said...

Did I tell you I loved this? Well..I do.

Bex said...

I'm definitely wanting more to the story.

Simon and Josh said...

So glad you are doing this. I think you make the show more interesting.